Riaan Swiegelaar truly deserves the name clairvoyant as he has proved himself over and over that he has an exceptional ability to see ‘clearly’, which means accurately and in detail, with the added bonus of putting time frames to his ‘predictions’. This much respected psychic does not hesitate to say exactly what is given to him by the guides (or spirits) of the persons who consult with him. Riaan never compromises. He comes straight to the point, unlike many other metaphysicians who would often have a long ‘introduction’ to the path the ‘client’ should take. Riaan never prescribes to those seeking help; in detail he would describe the way ahead, but leave the choices to be made with the ‘client’. No matter why you need to see a psychic, Riaan can definitely help you by succinctly putting everything into perspective and leaving you with clarity and sound advice! I recommend him highly. – Pieter Bezuidenhout (Metaphysician)



Riaan creates a safe space for healing and transformation.  He listens deeply and with great compassion. Even when I’m having difficulty explaining an issue, his insightful feedback shows me that he “gets it.”  Riaan quickly and accurately pinpoints the core issues that underlie my “story,” allowing him to direct healing energy in the way it will best serve me. I often feel the effects of his energy work immediately.  I greatly appreciate his ability to help me move beyond limiting belief systems and programming into greater levels of empowerment and potential. Riaan is a joy to work with!  – Joan Miller-Hilton



I was referred to Riaan by a friend of mine because at the time, I was unsure about my life purpose and I wanted to create a long-term relationship with a man who had just recently gotten divorced.  Having been in therapy before, I can honestly say this has been the most powerful and life changing experience for me because of Riaan’s psychic abilities coupled with the therapy he offers. Through our sessions, I have been able to see exactly what is going on and with his support be able to make the necessary choices to move in the direction of the life I have always dreamt of having, but never really believed was possible. I have since set up my own therapy practice and I’m busy building a relationship with the most amazing man. If you are willing to do the work, I can guarantee you your life will never be the same again and you can literally live the life of your dreams. – HM/ Cape Town



Riaan Swiegelaar has given several meetings at the Centre of Spiritual Philosophy this year. He has been reliable and co-operative and his medium ship work has been positively accepted by the people attending his demonstrations. He is a likeable person and we look forward to being able to invite him again. – Sylvia Katz



I just wanted to tell you how amazing it was to meet with you yesterday. You performed a reading and an (impromptu) healing on me, and I had no idea how badly I needed it. For the first time in years, I woke up this morning with no pain. Thinking that this was connected to a back injury I incurred when I was a teenager, I now realize that the blockage in my sacral chakra was the source of this searing pain all along.  My gratitude cannot be expressed in words. Not only do I feel calmer, I feel no fear surrounding the future. Finally! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  You are a beautiful gift.” – B.M., Cape Town



“I feel completely whole, more powerful. It was an incredible feeling of strength and that everything is ok…”



“Thank you for the healing that came with my readings over the past year.  When we first worked together, and you said, “Talk to me about Grandma” before I even mentioned that I scheduled our reading to learn about the woman who died when my dad was three…It’s been an amazing year of revelations.  Your readings prepared me for the truth that was revealed months later and helped me embrace my family story with grace, compassion and joy. Thank you for communicating across the veil to bring healing to both the living and the departed. You have a real gift.  It is a blessing.  Thank you for your sacrifice, for I know how your gift keeps you from having what others might consider a “normal” life.” – Annemarie Beukes



This was the first time I’d ever had a psychic reading. I was nervous. Riaan was very kind, considerate and loving in his gentle guidance. I loved his down-to-earth attitude. He gently told me things I needed to hear but had previously had a hard time accepting. Afterward, it was as if a light had been rekindled in my life, as the things he told me brought everything together for me-those huge questions I was unable to sort out on my own. Riaan is not only intuitive, he is also very caring. I am now proud of who I am!! – Byron Douglas 



My sessions with Riaan have been transformative. I consider myself something of a skeptic (or more accurately, someone who was generally afraid of spirituality). Yet I will wholeheartedly admit to anyone that the things that were revealed to me in our sessions were beyond true, they were helpful and healing. They helped me take that next step I needed in life, and helped me be less afraid. You have the soul and the mind of a healer, and you are an amazing blessing to this world. Thank you for your willingness to use your gifts and energy to heal people like me. I could not be more grateful for you. – C. De Lange



I’m blessed to have met you and am so grateful for all the knowledge gained during my reading.  As a result I now have a better understanding as to what my true life’s purpose is and how I can better focus my energies.  You are a genuine, caring and highly gifted healer.  I look forward to working with you again in the future. – Dave, Cape Town



I have had readings before with little luck, but Riaan took my experience to an entirely new level. He helped me see and conquer my fears and open myself back up to my spirituality. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to connect with their ancestors or guides and themselves. – JP Malherbe 



“Most accurate psychic reading I have ever had!! Thanks!” Rebecca / Durbanville



“Thank you for the reading and healing last week. I feel centered and at peace and don’t feel that heavy feeling in my heart from the past I was carrying. My relationship with my ex seems to have improved & with my partner it couldn’t be better. I am now feeling happy & balanced. ” – Johan, Strand



Thank you again for the powerful healing session.  I really do feel it shifted some heavy stuff! – A.H.



Wow, wow and wow!

That was incredibly unbelievably spot on and incredibly powerful.  I am really glad I wasn’t actually in a session with you as I bawled my eyes out the entire time! Everything just connected over and over again. Everything you said was very accurate. I look forward to meeting you in person. – H.G., Garden Route



I wish I lived closer to you so I could meet you in person I would definitely be interested in speaking with you again about some healing therapy maybe in the new year.  – Merwe Reyneke 



“I thank you immensely for the detailed reading and the amount of effort and care you placed into it. Thanks, again for the reading I have already started on the relaxation activities that you have recommended. The angels have told you so much about me and it is all accurate with the exception of one little detail and that is because they know I do not want you to know.” – R. Jordaan



Dear Riaan..I just read the reading…you are so spot on with everything…..i have been looking for such an accurate psychic like you for ages…your reading has helped me soooo much. – K.Van Tonder, PE



Since having an inspiring session with Riaan my life seems to have picked up pace and be heading in the direction I had hoped for. Previously, I felt stuck, as if things were blocked and I believe the turnaround has a lot to do with the fantastic cord cutting process. I feel a lot freer and able to move forward with ease and excitement once again. It’s also great to learn more about your purpose here. I have recommended Riaan to my family and friends.” ~ R. Fuller (Psychologist)



What a rollercoaster ride and reading your email just felt like you were talking directly to me and you knew everything that was going on. Amazing… absolutely amazing. Thank you.  –  Z. Abrahams

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