Crystal Beginners


This workshop is designed to teach you to harness the power, energy and magic of crystals to bring greater light, love and empowerment into your life. We will work with crystals to enhance our psychic and healing abilities…

Each person attending the workshop will be given a crystal specifically attuned to their individual needs.

….perhaps for increased confidence

….perhaps for healing

…..perhaps for a better flow of opportunities ….perhaps for better harmony in relationships ….perhaps for psychic protection

Day1 (Saturday) : Begins 10h00 am

– History and Crystals / “I honour this lifetime”

– Why & How does Crystals & Minerals work?

– Connecting to Crystals & Minerals

– Crystal Associations

– Energy (Limiting & Expanding)

– The Chakra System / “ I connect to my soul at all times”

– Meditation (30min)


– Using Crystals & Minerals / “I attract that which enhances me”

– Crystals & Your Home

– Crystals & Your Pet

– How to cleanse Crystals & Minerals (Homework for tomorrow)

Day2(Sunday) : Begins 10h00 am

– Meditation (Charging & Programming your Crystals)

– Thoughts on Crystal – Healing

– Grids and Grid-Work (Practical)

S N A C K S & T E A / C O F F E E

– Crystal Chakra Alignment (Demonstration & Practical)

– Personalised Crystal Readings & Blessings for a safe journey home.

Cost : R 640 (without crystal pack) or R 860 (includes X4 crystal points and X7 Chakra Stones) Pls note: Booking fee to secure your seat payable:

R320- (asap: max8 people p/workshop)

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