SELF-FORGIVENESS WORKSHOP (weekend workshop or retreat)

A magnificent future awaits…

Are you ready to unveil your dreams?


a Life changing 2 day workshop…When you let go of the past and forgive joy emerges.

Offering an safe environment for self-exploration, this workshop will guide you to address and heal the issues that keep you from experiencing the brilliance and peace of your authentic self.

If you want to ensure greater fulfilment in an area of your life; this workshop is for you…You will reclaim self-confidence and love and be loved like never before.

UNCOVER the shadows that keep you joyless and holding on to the past.

OWN the parts of yourself that continue to rob you from intimacy, love and success.

EMBRACE the power of your true authentic nature.

HEAL your heart from painful relationships.

REDISCOVER your passion for life.

FREE yourself from the violence of your inner world, end your internal war and return to a quit mind.




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