1. 45min Predictive + Q&A session reading ~ R1700
– In Person or via e-mail or p Phone Call
Looking at a 6month+ future timeline outcome, as well as having your list of questions about yourself and others answered. Accurate and Detailed, with straight forward info about your life that makes sense to you.


2. 60min+ / 2hours Full reading Soul Session ~ R2750
– Only in Person
– 60min prep for me to connect to your Spirit-Guides and Loved Ones on the other side…
-60min session with client after.
This is only for individuals who are serious about their own spiritual growth.
Clear and accurate information about Past / Present / Future and Past-Life recall. Understanding your purpose , looking at your soul path and what you are currently manifesting. Messages from your Guides and/or Loved ones on the other side. Also looking at your questions and providing you with accurate answers.


3. Counselling / Personal Development Session 60min ~ R1000
– discounted / reduced rate if more than 2 sessions is booked.
– In Person or via online chat or p Phone Call
These sessions are designed to help you shed wrong beliefs and unreal concepts, thoughts, beliefs and ideas, and then becoming conscious and aware of your inner being. This is to free you from limitations or from “what might be holding you back”. These sessions uncovers your inner spirit that is always present, but hidden beyond the ego-personality.


4. Reading / Healing Combination session 90min ~ R2000
– Only in Person
This is a popular session where you will have a 30min general reading , followed by a hour healing session. The healing session could be Crystal Healing , Psychic Surgery , Soul-Retrieval , Soul-Clearing or Chakra Alignment & Balance ; depending on what both the client and myself might agree.


5. Past-Life Regression or Life-Between-Lives regression 2 sessions ~ R1500
– Only in Person
– 1st appointment is a short ‘talk’ session where you will set / discuss the intent with me
– 2nd appointment is Regression
Past-Life Regression is a technique using light hypnosis to recover memories of a past-life relating to a current issue you might be facing. With Past-life regression you can heal and transform on a level of your soul, with less of a process connecting you to a vast amounts of information about you and your relationships. You can also connect to your soul’s blue print and who you are.
Life-Between-Lives Regression is a process to reconnect you to your soul-self, your guiding beings and a understanding of your immortal identity. This will also shed some light on your life themes, as well as your current experience.


6. Psychic Surgery session +- 60min ~ R1500
This session will start with a conversation you and I will have to discuss what ailment you have, how long you have it and when it started. I then receive channeled information re you and issue. We will then start with the healing part of the session… If I receive any messages or more info during the session I will include that at the end of the session as well (during the feedback). I will be guided as to how to “customise” the healing for you thus for you to receive the most clear and purest healing during the surgery.
Over the last 14 years I have seen client’s symptoms or signs of illness reduced gradually, but also individuals who have shifted right away. Depending on the severity on the condition more follow-up sessions might be needed.


7. Rituals and Ceremonies ~ Please contact for prices / rates.
Personalised rituals and/or Ceremonies for Handfastings , Blessings for individuals or business, Sacred-Plant Journeys, Rites of Passage and Cleansings.


8. Various Workshops / Classes / Courses ~ Please contact for prices / rates
– One-on-One basis by appointment.
– Payment options p class session / or Upfront for whole Course
– Classes / Education in : Psychic-Development , Metaphysics , Crystal Healing & Psychic Surgery.


** Please note :
All bookings will be done and confirmed via email :
Sessions will be booked / confirmed only when proof of payment has been received
Sessions that have not been cancelled or moved 48hours before the time will be charged in full.





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