3rd I Esoteric Shop & Healing
A need has been identified to have a Esoteric Shop and quality Holistic type services in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town.
Riaan Swiegelaar and Babetza have joined forces, abilities and ideas , now offering their clients just that and more…our mission is to bring authenticity back to the industry.


Services / Prices

1. Initial Consultation ~ R500 offered by Riaan Swiegelaar
In-Person or via Email
~ 20 to 30min session ~
First session (Initial Consultation) ; it is strongly advised that you come for a Initial Consultation, should you not be sure on what healing / guidance you might need. This is for Riaan to determine the extent of issue / block / problems etc…to establish the best route forward. 
~ pls note : This is not a psychic reading.


2. Crossing Over with Babetza ~ R850 offered by Babetza
~ 45min, up to 60min session
Detailed, personal psychic reading connecting to the Sprit-world via Babetza,
Contact with your Guides / and loved ones on the other side, plus receive Spiritual Counseling.


3. Angel Reading ~ R850 offered by Babetza
In-Person, Telephonic or Email-Chat
~ 45 min, up to 60 min session
Angels are divine celestial beings given to us by God or source energy to help, guide, protect and support us. They ensure that we are living up to our highest potential. They also help us to achieve our life purpose, so that we are doing what we are meant to be doing in this life.
Babetza connects with your guardian angels as well as the archangels to answer any and all questions you may have about your life. This may include topics like finances, relationships, career, life purpose, your children, health, spirituality, family and friends etc.


4. 30min Reading ~ R950 offered by Riaan Swiegelaar
In-Person or Telephonic or Email-Chat
Choose between :
* Q&A session where you can have questions about you or others answered
Predictive Reading where looking at your future (what you are currently manifesting).


5. General reading / looking at what you are manifesting ~ R650 offered by Babetza
In-Person, Telephonic or Email-Chat
~ 30 mins up to 45 min session
Personal guidance reading about yourself and where you are heading for, regarding relationships, career, life purpose, money, health, family, home, travel etc. Looking at paths, showing you how to tap in / connect with your higher self to change and create your future.


6. Multiple Level Clearing with a Soul-Retrieval ~ R1800 offered by Riaan Swiegelaar
In-Person or Distance (if distant you will receive email feedback after)
~ 60min up to 90min
Clearing of all entities (spirits & negative forces). As well as clearing of all cords, clearing of curses/spells, clearing of implants and dna-activation, clearing of negative thought programs, returning stolen soul pieces from entities or life-activation, and healing of the aura from damage caused by entities.
**Cord-Cutting only option ~ R950


7. House/Building/Land Clearing ~ R2500 (not including travel cost) offered by Riaan Swiegelaar & Babetza
~ up to 2 hours
The removal of entities (spirits and negative forces) attached to a Home/Building/Land.


8. Pet and/or Animal Clearing ~ R550 offered by Riaan Swiegelaar
The removal of entities (spirits and negative forces) attached to an animal or personal pet.


9. Negative Thought Programs and Spells/Curses Clearing ~ R1200 offered by Riaan Swiegelaar
~ 30min up to 60min
In-Person or Distance.
The clearing and removal of curses (spiritual intrusions), spells, and negative thought forms, which are subconscious negative programming which can influence the way you live and interact with people. NOTE: THIS IS NOT AN ENTITY REMOVAL HEALING SERVICE. THIS ONLY CLEARS CURSES. IT WILL NOT REMOVE ENTITIES OR DEEP LEVEL ISSUES ASSOCIATED WITH ENTITIES.


10. Transformational Therapy ~ R900 per session // or X3 Sessions upfront R2300 with Riaan Swiegelaar:
~ Includes a Initial Mini-Reading* / Only in Person, one to one with Riaan.
~ 60min session/s
Usually 3 sessions within 20 days, but 1 session option available.
This guides you to the root cause of any longstanding block that might be obscuring you – emotional, physical or spiritual – and gets you deeply in touch with yourself. This process opens you into your boundless potential; a potential that’s capable of creating anything in your life and where healing takes place. Gain access to your own answers and deepest truths about yourself, about life, your mission and purpose. With Transformational Therapy, you have the opportunity to completely turn your life around. FREES YOU FROM: Stress, fear, Depression, guilt, grief, Insecurity, low self-esteem, not being able to say no, Anger, resentment, hurt… AND LEADS YOU TO: Being deeply in touch with yourself, Live your life as an expression of your highest potential…


11. Crystal Healing ~ R950 (using Crystals & Sound Vibration) offered by Babetza
~ up to 60min
~ In person Sessions with Babetza or Distance Sessions available.
Crystal healing is a gentle non-invasive form of alternative healing that works holistically to harmonise the mind, body, emotions and spirit, helping to increase our feeling of well-being, neutralise negativity, lift depression and to help us to become integrated, whole beings. During a session crystals are placed at the feet or held in the hands. I would often use crystal wands, which are placed near the receiver’s body. I will also focus on chakras being blocked, then balancing /unblocking using crystal grids and tuning forks during a healing session, also restoring aura leaks.


12. Cord-cutting healing session offered by Babetza ~ R950
~ 45min, up to 60min
Cord-cutting is a healing session or process that severs negative attachment between you and another person so that the shadow of that past relationship does not hang over you or affect your behavior in the present.


13. Soul Charts by Riaan Swiegelaar ~ R1000
~ 30min pre-session
~ 60min feedback session with printed Soul-chart /or
After doing psychic readings for 13 years Riaan has developed a method to determine what choices you made before you came to earth, what latent gifts you have and importantly what contracts you have with others in this lifetime.
A soul chart looks at / gives clarity on your main life themes, past contracts as well as current contracts and ones still “outstanding”. The chart also looks at your soul mission and lessons you undertook to master in this particular lifetime and current timeline.


14. Life-between-Lives session by Riaan Swiegelaar ~ R1600
~ 60min up to 1h30min
Generally people access this place once they have experienced a past life session. In order to experience their own personal ‘interlife’ space they usually, although not always, explore the lifetime they lived just prior to the current incarnation (this being relevant only in earthly linear time frames) they are then able to go to the place where they made choices regarding the current incarnation. With Life Between Lives Regression hypnotherapy, also known as InterLife Regression, Riaan has developed a way to access your soul mind through path-work to obtain the answers to your deepest questions. With his assistance, a way to access the spirit world is opened.


15. Crystal Healing + Psychic Surgery Combo ~ R1500 by Riaan Swiegelaar & Babetza
~ 1hour 30min+
We offer this combined session doing both crystal healing and psychic surgery to ensure all blocks, disease and negativity is cleared from your emotional and spiritual body. You will be re-aligned and balanced by Riaan & Babetza.


16. Traditional Healing Ceremonies and Rituals by Riaan Swiegelaar ~ R1500-R3500
Personalised rituals and/or Ceremonies.
~ removal of blocks
~ cleansing / releasing witchcraft and curses / limiting beliefs.
~ blessings for business / home / family


For bookings, available dates & times contact Lanie on 0828446588 or e:

3rd I Esoteric Shop & Healing
Shop 1
Vredelusthof Building
86 13th Avenue
Boston ~ Bellville
c : 0818655582


Please note:
* Mini-Readings is not Psychic Readings, but rather serves the purpose to facilitate each individual’s self-awakening. Participants are always advised that they need to take full responsibility for the life changes that often follows these readings.
* Appointments can only be confirmed once we have received proof of payment via email.
Appointments / Sessions that is not cancelled or rescheduled by clients within 48hours prior to booking / day of scheduled appointment will be charged as / in full.





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