PSYCHIC HEALER Riaan Swiegelaar

PSYCHIC HEALER Riaan SwiegelaarPSYCHIC HEALER Riaan SwiegelaarPSYCHIC HEALER Riaan Swiegelaar
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Riaan Swiegelaar

Riaan Swiegelaar’s desire to heal others was always a part of his life. In his younger days his dream was to become a doctor, however, his calling to become more than just a physician became stronger. Riaan helps his clients by reading Tarot cards & Throwing the Bones, divination , and giving counseling to couples and individuals. He does healing rituals and ceremonies, and is an expert at mixing together tailor-made soul-medicine to solve problems.


 “As a healer I use a variety of roots, bark, herbs, flowers, and a wide range of crystals when making medicine or muti. Most of the treatments are focused on the balance of the ethereal, energies and human body, and also removing emotional-spiritual blocks from ones life…”



Riaan first started doing readings in 2005… he became publicly known as a “evidence psychic,” meaning that he provided evidential proof of spiritual dimensions via detailed messages from the spiritual realms. His journey as a full-time professional traditional spiritual healer officially began in 2010, after completing his twasa (training), and apprenticeship with Dr Alfred Megwa (a well known Sangoma, and one of the founders of The Western Cape Traditional Healers Association).


THE word or title “sangoma” is frequently quite wrongly translated as witchdoctor or associated with a certain race, but today traditional healers go beyond creed or race and age, yet the core of it remains the same. “The practice goes beyond the physically living and includes ancestry. Keeping in contact with these ancestors and following their guidance is what gives traditional healers their powers to help within their community.” Not only do they treat physical and psychological conditions but they also act as mediums.


Through his work, Riaan shares his life experiences and insights so that others will benefit in opening up their hearts and gain a connection with their own spiritual self. He has been featured in various television shows both local and abroad and was a regular weekly guest on SMILE FM giving callers live on air readings. He holds a Diploma in Pastoral Counseling (Dip.Th/Past.Couns:BISA) and is also registered with the Western Cape Traditional Healers Association (W.C.T.D.H.A/0210452) .


His practice is located at 3rd I Esoteric Shop & Healing, 13th Ave , Boston / Bellville.

For appointments contact 0828446588 or send an email to


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